Monday, March 15, 2010

Writing Workshop

As part of my quest for knowledge this year ( wow, how scholarly of me;) ), I decided to improve my writing skills and expand my vocabulary. Just recently, I began the one book per month habit and I have joined a writing workshop. Two Saturdays ago, I attended the Travel blogging workshop care of The Center for East Asian Languages and Fully Booked.

This has been occupying my Saturdays. Last Saturday the topic was about writing short stories. To read more about my writing venture, please feel free to visit my other blog at tumblr, Sunkissed Siren.

Here's what I wore these past two Saturdays.

This one was the outfit I wore to the travel blogging workshop. You've probably seen this skirt before during my Boho Chic blog post last year. I wore it with the same belt but a different shirt and sandals. I opted not to wear necklace since I wore a really big Egyptian inspired faux gold necklace.

This outfit was what I wore during the Short Story Writing workshop last week. The tiered skirt is made up of lace with blue lining on the first layer and black leather on the second layer. Originally, there's a blue tulle  material on the third layer but I decided to cut it off. The long single strand of pearls, bow belt and shoes adds to the feminine touch of the outfit. The white shirt however makes this outfit a bit more on the casual side. 

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