Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wedding

It’s official! My sister is no longer part of the singles’ world. She is now a Coronel. The past has been crazy. We’ve been so busy preparing for the wedding I forgot to prepare for my Maid of Honor speech. I did manage to utter a message.  I just hope they were useful to them. Anyway, this is how my Maid of Honor dress looks like. It is actually off the rack. I wanted to wear a Venus cut or one-shoulder dress but unfortunately, I didn’t find any that fits me well. I was resistant of getting a tube dress because I was thinking that probably most of the entourage will be wearing that. Since I was running out of options and I fell in love with the dress, I took a chance. I love the sweetheart cut and the lace detail on the bust part. It also fits me perfectly.  During the wedding it turns out one or none of them wore a tube dress. I wore is with my VNC heels. It is my first pair of VNCs. It has been with me for about five years now. I’ve worn this with my grad dress as well 3 years ago. The black bolero I was wearing is my sister’s and she got it at Market! Market!

Here are some photos from the booth that my beau set-up at the wedding.

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