Thursday, February 11, 2010

CLOSET RAID Part 1: Accessories

Hello, Hello!

I've posted before the sketch of our New Walk-in Closet and how it looked like when it was finish before we moved in to our new house in Cainta/Pasig.

I've been planning to take photos of the closet after I've moved in but I wanted to organize first. But after 2 months of moving in, its still disorganized. So I thought what the heck just take photos of the closet since it will take forever to organize it.

So here's a sneak peak of my closet. 
For this post I'm going to show you my Accessories.

Here is where I put my bangles, bracelets and short necklaces.
It is actually a wooden mug hanger for the kitchen. Its from our Condo in Makati but since we partially moved out, I decided to use it for our closet.

These are some of my earrings.

These are my gold earrings. They're all fake hehe. My real ones are not there. They're hidden in the drawers. The earrings on the right made of enamel is from my mom. I haven't used it in the long time since one of the enamel was removed. But now both enamels were removed so I can start using it again.

These are my silver earrings. The Snowflake design bellow is my favorite. :)

I'll be posting the rest of the contents for my closet later on... 

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