Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Look at me I'm twenty three
Beautiful a sight to see

A little dress to draw the press
And I'll be leaving
All the rest behind

Well be pleased girl
If this is what you wanted
The whole world is watching you take the stage
What will you say

Aren't I lovely....

I love this song from Plumb entitled Real.

Anyway, I'm turning 23 in a months time. I'm getting old! Yikes!

Its my dad's birthday yesterday.
Usually once his birthday arrives I know my birthday will be soon too.

SO I thought, why not help out my family and friends by giving my wish list this early. :) It will be easier for them to buy something for me :)

1. Girly Camera Bag.

Last year, my parents gave me a camera bag as a present. The bag is still in pristine condition and I love it. The problem with it sometimes is that even when I'm all dressed up and I need to bring that very casual and outdoorsy bag. So I thought it will be nice to have a camera bag like this where I can put my other kikay stuff. It will be easier because I don't have to bring 2 bags whenever I go out.

This Camera Bag from is from Fashion E-hub and the price is Php1899 inclusive of shipping already.

2. A cute Camera Strap

I just bought a second hand camera bag to replace my stolen camera. Its in great condition except that the strap is pretty old and the color combination reminds you of the Nazareno.

So I'm thinking of getting new strap or just a cover for it.

The funky strap from Shutterbug is Php400 inclusive of shipping.
The scute strap covers from Strapped is Php250 which I can pick-up within Makati area.

As of the moment that's what I want for my birthday. 
More gift ideas to come.. Haha :)

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