Thursday, January 28, 2010


Two nights ago, I was watching Fit and Fab at QTV 11. They had a feature about different celebrities' fashion resolutions. Some of them mentioned they want to be more classic when it comes to their clothing style.Someone said she wants to wear heels more often since it make her feel sexier and more confident.

Then I realized, what's my fashion resolution for this year. Last year I started buying and wearing heels again. I also experimented more with clothes as a means of expressing myself. So what else can I do to improve or something.

Lucy Torres said that for this year, she'll do the One in and One out policy. Whenever she buys something, she needs to get rid of a piece of clothing even if it pains her to do that. Its her way to keep her closet organized and not too jam packed.

Then I realized, my mom always complain that I have so many stuffs in my closet that I don't get to use so I should give them away.
No, I'm not giving them away. It gave me another idea though. 

My resolution this year is to explore my closet. Instead of buying stuff, I'll wear whatever is in my closet, especially those I haven't worn in a long time. Its a good way to make my mom stop complaining and save money as well.

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