Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I am so weird. So my mom finally told us that we can start our clothes for Christ,as. Every year, they give us some money to buy clothes. Yeah, even though I'm already working. Lucky me.

But after I got my shoes from Janilyn at Cubao X last, last weekend, I lost my shopping urge. I'm such a weirdo. Before, I really can't stop thinking about the shoes I want to have. But now, the urge is all gone. The timing is a little off since I already have the money to spend.

We'll see I hope I'll see something I really like. Maybe I'll just buy a bag. Its been months since my last purchase. My last purchase was the denim quilted bag I got from Bayo on sale.

A few updates.
My beau got his new work sched and it sucks. Its a night shift. 8pm to 5am in Cubao. Sucks Doubly.
Oh well, I have to keep myself busy then.

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