Thursday, December 3, 2009

FASHION BUNNY Episode 1: Prom Night

Here's the story of our Fashion Bunny:

Carry, our fashion bunny is getting ready for her prom night. She wears a black lace tube dress with thin yellow waist belt. A gold chain adorns her neck. She fixes her up in a bun.

Then her date, Little Nutty arrives just as she finishes to put on her make-up. Little Nutty wears a gray silk blazer.

Parents will be parents. Matti, Carry's mom reminds Little Nutty to bring back her little bunny home before midnight. Then they stop for a family photo before Big Nutty, Little Nutty's dad bring them to the school for the prom night.

*I just thought of playing around with my bunny stuff toys. You're probably wondering why I have so many of them. Well, I really love bunnies and I was born in 1987, year of the rabbit. I also have a real live pet rabbit. I also collect bunny story books because one day when I get to have my own child, I want his/her nursery room to be filled with bunny stuff toys and books. :)


  1. cute! this reminds me of another blog, i just can't think of the name now...

  2. Hehe. Just playing around with my arts & crafts stuff.