Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cubao X Peeps ruined my Christmas

The most unfortunate thing  happened last December 19 during  Holiday Madness Bazaar. My beloved Nikon D40, Toto was stolen.

I am writing about this just now because I'm still recovering from the trauma that I have experience that day.

So around 8:00 p.m. while we were busy entertaining customers, someone took my camera. I was talking to a "guy" customer asking about bags and dresses which I found a little fishy. Then I heard something fall on the ground. It was a lens cap. I was going to pick it up to give it to the guy and then I realized that it was my camera. I immediately ran after him and shouted "Guard, Guard! Camera ko! White T-shirt!"

Our booth was located at the latter part of Cubao Expo so it took him some time to approach the exit. By the time he comes near the exit, everyone heard me shouting. But to my dismay, no one tried to stop him! Not even one person! I followed him even outside Cubao Expo. But I decided to stop when I lost sight of him and realized I ran too far and it will be too dangerous to go on.

On my way back, I saw my friend who followed me. She was in tears. She was so worried that something might have happened to me. I might have been stabbed or something. Thank God I'm safe.

When we arrived back at Cubao Expo I was so furious because no one helped me. Not even one of the "so-called men" standing near the exit. Until now,  I cannot understand why they just stood there frozen. Maybe they don't have the balls for it, or they're stupid or they know that person who stole my camera and was trying to protect him.

And the "so-called guard" whose job is to protect us didn't do anything. When my friend asked him to accompany her because she wanted to make sure I was safe, he didn't move a muscle. Another one without the balls.

So to make the long story short, I was frustrated because I would have retrieved my camera from the 15 year old boy who I hope goes to jail or gets to know Jesus before he does more stealing stint. But the people of Cubao Expo, the community of Artists striving for a better Philippines did not nothing to protect one of their own. Well not really not one of their own. I almost joined the community, glad I was awaken by that incident.

If you are by anyway offended by this post, I don't really care. Leave a comment if you want. And after that let's trade places. Let's see how you'll feel.

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