Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Tailored Coat

Hello, Hello.

Sorry if I wasn't able to post lately. I wasn't able to document my outfits recently ever since my beau moved out of the condo and I moved back to out house in Laguna. We are still together but he's finish with his review so he needs to head back home and start looking for a job.

Anyhow, I have one ensemble photo left from last week. Its what I wore to the Business World Forum at the Greenhills Elan Hotel. We provided the trophies given to the speakers. I was not that interested with the topic of the forum because its all aobut IT and I have no idea about. Hehehe...

 The satin white tailored coat was thrifted at Cubao Expo. The Tuxedo Sling-back shoes is from Juan, a local brand. I can't remember the brand of the cami but I bought it at Cash&Carry's The Good Finds Bazaar. 

If you notice, there's a 2nd photo. Instead of the cami I'm wearing my bf's Snickers shirt. He left it at my bag during the conference. It was his extra shirt. I wanted to wear something more comfortable after forum so I changed into this shirt. I wore it with the coat because I was heading back to the office and I can't wear something too casual.

Later that night we ate out at Som's and had coffee at Kopi Roti with our favorite couple friend Cristina and Joe. Anyway, I wore the cami again and exchanged by heels to a more comfortable quilted boat shoes.

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