Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Walk-in Closet

Earlier this year, my family decided to buy a lot far from our current home. The construction of the house is currently ongoing and we are expected to move summer next year. I'm no longer a southern girl. Soon, I'll be the upper east side girl. Haha. So gossip girl :)

Anyway, so part of the house is a small walk-in closet I am sharing with my sister. Last week, I finally finished the lay-out for the walk-in closet. As we speak, they are constructing the cabinet.

So to give you a glimpse of how the closet will look like, here's the lay-out I did.
Hopefully there will be enough clothes that we already have and we are going to have :)


  1. that's an enviable closet and so well-organized! i wish i had space for one :)

  2. Well its not as big as it seems. its just a 3x3m room :)