Thursday, September 24, 2009


As you all know, I announced that I'm going to fast from shopping for two months. Well, that didn't really go well. I bought the following in the span of 3 weeks:

1. 2 leggings (I'm excited to show my photos wearing them)
2. Cobalt blue top
3. Colorful kimono dress
4. Brown and white Ankle Boots (the one I wore during the gallery opening almost two weeks ago)
5. Black Garterized Waist Belt

And I'm going to shop for shoes again this weekend.

I haven't bought anything from ebay though. Well at least for now. One of the shoes I'll be buying this weekend, I saw them on ebay.

Resisting to shop is harder than I thought especially when you shop online. I mean my work requires me to be in front of the computer all-day. I stay online most of the time to check on emails and other stuff. Ebay and multiply are just a click-away. How can I resist?!

I need help     


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