Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have a swimming get together with some friends this Saturday and I plan to wax my legs for it. Usually, I shave my legs but recently we were talking about waxing. I was considering of having it professionally done. At Lay Bare, a half leg costs Php300.00 and a full leg costs Php500.00 . Its the cheapest one I found. At Nailaholics a half leg costs Php450.00 with pedicure and a some back massage.

According to my friend you can also do it your own. She found this organic wax online for only Php200.00 and she said you can use it more than once. So yesterday I decided to buy it from Here's the photo I got from her site:

Jo anne was really accommodating. She sells other organic beauty products. I'm actually contemplating on getting my mineral make-up from her.

I tried using it and the effect was good but its a little tedious. I only managed to wax half of my right leg because I was too busy watching The Ugly Truth on DVD. Hehe... I'll probably continue waxing my legs later.

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